Service Area // FAIR OAKS!

Some of the most popular Sacramento bars are listed below! Be sure to check out these hot spots during your celebration or night out!

Mighty Tavern

9634 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks | (916) 241-9444

The Might Tavern is a classy-casual bar that has good prices, good food, and amazing drinks. Local beer, wine, and food offered. They offer some great unique cocktails, so be sure to check the mout during your night on the town!

Stockman Club

10219 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks | (916) 967-7131

A great dive bar with great prices to match! The Stockman Club is the type of place you go with friends to drink, a lot, for cheap! Relax, enjoy food, drink, pool, and darts!

San Juan Club

7420 Sunset Ave, Fair Oaks | (916) 965-9883

The San Juan Club located on Sunset Ave is a great bar to hit up for Karaoke, strong drinks at low prices, and a good time with friends.

Siam Patio Thai Cuisine

9830 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks | (916) 844-0356

Delicious Thai food, vegan and vegetarian options, and a good beer and wine selection. If you like to enjoy a beer and delicious Thai cuisine, then you absolutely have to check out Siam Patio Thai Cuisine! Located on Fair Oaks Blvd, this place is just what you need after a night of drinking or any time you're hungry! Try the coconut soup or drunken noodles!

The Vent Lounge

8121 Madison Ave, Fair Oaks | (916) 961-6554

The Vent Lounge (formerly Crocodiles) is a divey-type bar with great drink specials, Juke Box music, TVs for the game, and all around great atmosphere. It's an good place to chill with friends and enjoy a few beers, catch the game, and play darts.